Offering American Commercial Products Globally



Commpex works with producers and suppliers, both in the US and in foreign countries, to expand their markets. We are specialized in global business development and offer consulting in the fields of trade management, international business, global marketing and sales. We maintain agency and representation rights of our clients in our markets and have built reputable relationships with local and international market players.

By expanding and entering new markets, American producers and suppliers can benefit from the larger level of global markets to increase their sales and reduce their risks. We identify what foreign buyers want to spend their money on and then find domestic sources willing to export. Foreign importers interested in American products, exporters that intend to enter the American market, and American companies interested in foreign markets can benefit from our services.

 The following are the services we offer to our clients:

Trade Management

Commpex considers itself as a part the interconnection and relations of global markets. As the rationale of international trade is a comparative advantage, Commpex works with producers/suppliers and distributors to facilitate this comparative advantage and to expand their operating markets.

International Business

Commpex is steadfast on delivering highly effective and professional services to private companies, business organizations and governments, supporting their attempts to enter and develop trade and investment relations in the markets we cover.

Our goal is to make palpable and measurable contributions to the expansion of our clients operations with value added business development support, market intelligence, critical information, strategic contacts and practical solutions for a successful penetration of new markets. The following are the items we cover under our international business consulting:

 + Country Risk Analysis

 + Macro-economic Analysis

 + Market Research

 + Strategic Marketing Planning & Execution 

 + Situation Analysis + Strategic Alliances and Partnerships



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