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Commpex is an international business development company located in the state of California, USA assisting American firms to expand their business and export their products into global markets. We serve as a connection and consultant between manufacturers looking to expand into foreign markets and distributors seeking to sell consumer goods to manufacturers and suppliers sales outlets. We assist our clients to increase their sales. Our loyalty is to our suppliers and distributors. We are working hard to develop a successful trade business. We operate as our partners’ international sales and marketing department in foreign markets where we’ve established distribution and service-providing networks. Commpex tends to earn the exclusive right to represent our manufacturers’ brands in its covered markets. We mainly offer our services to companies that are suppliers of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), human and animal supplements, pharmaceutical products, and medical equipment. At present our covered markets are West region in general and the UAE, Qatar, Iraq and Yemen in Particular.

Our Mission at Commpex is clear – we help American producers introduce
and export their products to existing and emerging global markets.

We have aligned our goals in accordance with US government’s objective, announced at the State of the Union Address in 2010, to double U.S. exports in five years.

The Commpex team involves a strong collaboration of sales and marketing connections and strategic partners operating in our markets. Commpex engages in business with organizations that exhibit producing products of integrity based on high ethical standards. We attempt to connect with manufacturers who are committed to product innovation and sustainability for global eco-preservation.

Why Us?

For a supplier to enter the global market, the questions ought to be answered:

1.     Does your firm have the time and specialized knowledge to enter export markets?

2.     Does your firm have the money or specialized personnel needed to develop an export business?

3.     Is your business growing at a satisfactory rate?

Producers and suppliers who would like to grow their business overseas may consider Commpex. Even sophisticated exporters and importers may want to consider using an international business development company for selected products for certain foreign markets. Firms looking for new markets in order to accelerate their business growth should consider using our services.

Often dealing with international markets directly is difficult and challenging for the manufacturing firm, because the firm will have to personally handle every aspect of market analyses and knowledge from market research and planning to foreign distribution and collections. This may consume a lot of capital and other resources if the manufacture is not very well established in the target market. Consequently, a significant commitment of management time and attention is required to achieve good results. Commpex can give the exporter access to well-established expertise and trade contacts.

Suppliers benefit from our experience in international markets, while importers and distributors benefit from our established relationships with manufacturers. Our international business experience helps both the supplier and the importer, assisting both parties for the best possible business results.

Furthermore, Commpex has very well established connections in its active markets. We exactly know what products are in high demand. Some exporters believe domestic products can be exported without significant modifications. Often they encounter serious challenges selling their products because of cultural, taste, style, regulation, climatic condition, and standard of living differences. We believe that the extent to which the company will modify products sold in export markets is a key policy issue to be addressed. Therefore, we have seep understanding of our target export markets.

Why choose the services of an Export Management Company?

Benefits for Suppliers:

+         Benefit immediately from established distributor network in key world markets;

+         Gain faster entry into overseas markets;

+         Specific industry focus in a targeted region of the world;

+         Develop products tailored to the region

+         Reductions in overhead expenses;

+         Improvements in supply chain capacity.

Benefits for Importers and Distributors:

+         Access to an established network of U.S. suppliers and manufacturers;

+         Product and project management sourcing;

+         U.S. geographical location to communicate with suppliers easily and effectively;

+         Competitive advantage from the services offered;

+         Foreign language communication and translation.


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